Impactful Interviewing:

Poor Working Relationship With Your Boss

by Beau Riche

It may be the reason you are looking for another job in the first place - you and your current boss do not work well together. And good for you for taking charge of the situation to find something that is a better fit for you. But how do you approach this situation so it will not hinder your chances at a new company? There are a few steps you should take first and you need to mind what you say during the interview.

A lot of interviews will contain at least one question about your working relationship with your current boss. They can take many forms and you should prepare for a lot of different types of questions that may be asked. No matter what the question, even if it is one asking you to describe conflict with your boss, be positive and do not bash anyone in your answers.

Remove any emotions from the equation and explain the situation using the facts and highlight all of the professional steps you have taken to rectify the situation. Don't try and make your boss sound like the bad guy, and try to de-emphasize the entire event. It may seem like an opportunity to vent about the situation but if you do, your are cutting off an avenue to escape the working relationship you want to get away from. Present the facts, be neutral and highlight your problem-solving skills.

If you are concerned that your current boss will sabotage your efforts to find another job during the reference check stage you can solve this in a couple of ways. If your boss is reasonable and the two of you just don't work well together, chances are you don't have to worry too much. Be sure to give him or her a heads up though. If you aren't comfortable with this, try and find another manager that you have worked for in the company previously that you can pass on as a reference.


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